$15.00 Marché Provisions Olive Oil

This high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by natural cold pressing from hand picked olives. It is produced and bottled in Spoleto, one of Italy's most prestigious olive oil areas. It contains no preservatives, and is a wonderful, fruity all-purpose oil.


$7.00 Marché Provisions Oregon Strawberry - Basil Vinegar

This fragrant vinegar is the basis for our house vinaigrette in the spring--and it captures the essence of fresh strawberry beautifully. Combined with the herbaceous basil flavor, it makes for a delicious dressing. We infuse Champagne vinegar in house with organic local strawberries and fresh basil to achieve pure flavor and beautiful color.


$6.50 Marché Provisions Pear Butter

This pear butter is made with organic comice pears from Souther Oregon's Rogue Valley, picked at peak season and carefully prepared using a classic, simple recipe. Use this lovely, sweet spread on toast, as a dessert sauce over ice cream or pound cake (or eat it with a spoon).

Ingredients: organic Rogue Valley comice pears, sugar, lemon juice, spices


$6.50 Marché Provisions Red Raspberry Jam

This jam is made with organic red raspberries, picked during the peak of their season, and carefully preserved with a classic recipe that showcases the pure flavor and gorgeous color of these fragrant berries.

Ingredients: organic Pacific Northwest raspberries, sugar, lemon juice


$7.00 Marché Provisions Strawberry - Lavender Vinegar

Use this fragrant, fruity vinegar as a delicious reminder of Oregon's strawberry season. This vinegar is made with the best local ingredients during the peak of their season, and carefully prepared to preserve flavor & freshness.

Ingredients: Champagne vinegar, infused with organic Oregon strawberries & organic lavender flowers


$6.00 Alder Smoked Salt - 3 Oz

Intense smoky flavor, fabulous finishing salt.