$35.00 Wine Class: The RhÔne, North And South

Tuesday May 20, in Provisions at 7pm-The RhÔne, North and South

While many of the grapes grown in this part of France are the same, there are some distinct differences between the wines that result. We’ll walk you through them all, taste them side by side and talk about what a difference a mile makes.

$35 per person, maximum 18 covers tasting & a $15 gift card to help you stock your cellar


$35.00 Wine Class: Languedoc & Roussillon

Tuesday June 17, in Provisions at 7pm- Languedoc and Roussillon

Why is wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon so affordable and so darn good?Let’s explore this rugged terrain, where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean, with some tasty food and a look at the great values to be had in this region.

$35 per person, maximum 18 covers tasting & a $15 gift card to help you stock your cellar


$35.00 Wine Class: Reislings Of Germany (and Maybe A Few Other Copycats.)

Tuesday July 22, in Provisions at 7pm- Reislings of Germany (and maybe a few other copycats.)

Learn about this misunderstood grape. Find out where it got its bad reputation, why that’s just silliness, and the secrets that keep sommeliers fascinated by this great food pairing genus.

$35 per person, maximum 18 covers tasting & a $15 gift card to help you stock your cellar


$60.00 Wine Club • Cuvee Level

Join this club to explore the nooks and crannies of the wine world—from wine grown and made in the craggy mountains of Spain to age-old French classics, exciting new developments from right here in Oregon, and more. On the 1st Wednesday of each month, members receive* 6 bottles carefully chosen by Ryan to offer a range of seasonally-appropriate, food friendly wines—plus the opportunity to order those 6 wines at club prices throughout the month. Your allocation will include detailed tasting notes for each wine, plus recipes and pairing suggestions. Sign up here and we'll be in touch to confirm your membership. All club members receive a monthly membership card that entitles them to: -10% off all individual wine purchases -15% off cases

  • First access to limited allocation wines -10% off wine seminars & classes -Exclusive access to club trips & events QUESTIONS? EMAIL US: WINECLUB@MARCHEPROVISIONS.COM
  • *Monthly allocations will be ready for pickup at Provisions. If you'd like to arrange for shipping or delivery, please email us.